Media Plan

An outstanding promotional campaign determines the key to excel, here at Malaysia International Jewellery Fair, we are presenting an effective and yet creative media plan which ensures MIJF to be at the forefront of the industry.

Plan Highlights

1) Press

Newspaper readership reigns supreme with any nation, and as such is another direct advertising practice for promotional activities of any sort. With newspaper, ad placements, featured write-ups and media releases will create an impact especially during period approaching the event.

2) Publication

Trade publications and magazines are effective tools to infiltrate into international market. Advertising and write-up will be featured in major trade magazines to create awareness of MIJF while attracting oversea trade delegates to attend the show.

3) TV

TV stations easily record tuned-in viewership on a national level by millions per day hence, awareness is created through ad screening.

4) Radio

Campaigns will be carried out two weeks before show dates through screening of ads as well as sponsoring of radio games on selected stations.

5) Show Visit

Overseas trade shows will be good platforms for effective promotion opportunities. In particular, building cooperative advertising relationships with wholesalers, retailers, distributors, agents and etc.

6) Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising will be hoisted at strategic locations shortly and during exhibition period to raise awareness of local community.

7) PR Activities

Various programs will be executed before and during MIJF to create maximum exposure for the event as well as marketing tools for exhibitors to promote their products and services.